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World views of U.S. pre/post election

Trying something new … please let me know if you experience issues.

Using data from the GDELT Project and data visualization tools from Tableau, put together this image of world opinion pre and post election. Note the huge (yuuuge?) improvement in Russian opinion, followed by Australia and Brazil, and the negative swing in Canada, England, and elsewhere.

The data is from 1-11 November. Feel free to change the dates and scroll over various countries for further details (e.g. the number of articles and sources). Data is country-by-country government and media articles/reports on the U.S. – these are all stories on the U.S., not just stories on the U.S. elections.

The original visualization is hosted here on Tableau Public. Enjoy!


New North Korea Propaganda Posters Added

Just added some new North Korean propaganda posters, with translations and explanations, here on the blog and on the Facebook page. See the FB page for the largest collection, but I’ll put a few of the latest ones below.

Soldiers, citizens, Kim Il-sung (the books are about the words and life of Kim).

Soldiers, citizens, Kim Il-sung (the books are about the words and life of Kim).


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Welcome to the redesigned blog!

Welcome to the redesigned and updated TravelswithScott blog! The new site features a more efficient, attractive design and greater layout flexibility – allowing the addition of the new Jobs page. I hope you enjoy the new site; please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.



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