Pyongyang to Seoul – 12 Days?

A drive from Pyongyang to Seoul, should such an event ever become possible, would take 3-4 hours, depending on traffic once you neared Seoul. Lacking that connection, plus mail and phone connections (not to mention an Internet connection), North Korea’s legislative body, the “Supreme People’s Assembly,” decided to send a letter to the South’s parliament using DHL, the international carrier.

How long do you think it took DHL to cover the three-hour drive from Pyongyang down to Seoul? If you read the headline, then you probably guessed right – 12 days! I realize Pyongyang is not a hotbed of international commerce, but 12 days to go from Pyongyang to Seoul (most likely via Beijing)? Jeez. Hope they got a special rate.

If anyone in the South cares to complain, the DHL office in Pyongyang can be reached at 850-2-381-8053. Though there aren’t any phone links between the two countries, and the call would probably be illegal for a South Korean national, at least without prior government approval …

Good thing it wasn’t a letter offering world peace, but only if you act right away.

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