The Accidental Guerrilla: Fighting Small Wars in the Midst of a Big One

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[Book Review] Ooof. A lot to digest in this one: COIN (counterinsurgency) doctrine, anthropology, history, military affairs (with the requisite acronym overload) … get some coffee, put the brain on high, and start reading.

I first read the book as part of grad school coursework and that’s what it is; a good chunk of COIN and ‘the global war on terror’ rolled into 300 pages of dense, need to focus, material. The author, David Kilcullen, was able to put his ideas into practice in Iraq and Afghanistan while working with General Petraeus, the Defense Department, and the State Department. Not just a treatise on how to fight and prevent an insurgency, the book is a history of the main wars of our times.

Not light reading by any means, but worth the effort and brain cycles.

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