North Accuses U.S. Soldiers of … Partying

Perhaps tired of calling us imperialist, colonialist oppressors, the North on Sunday accused U.S. soldiers of trespassing in the DMZ to party. Specifically, according to the South’s Herald Media, quoting the North’s official media, the U.S. soldiers, “came within 20 meters of the military demarcation line with women, taking photos and throwing bottles of alcohol toward North Korean troops.”

In response to such dastardly acts, the North actually didn’t vow to turn Seoul into either a sea of fire or a sea of blood, as it commonly does when it’s mad. Instead, it threatened “human damage” to the South if it continues to allow “U.S. invasion forces to act rampantly” inside the DMZ.

While I’ve been to the DMZ a dozen times, nearly gotten into a fight on the North’s side, and had a great lunch at the Swiss and Swedish outpost in the DMZ (Wikipedia entry on NNSC here), I can’t say I’ve ever gone up there to drink and throw bottles at North Korean troops. Did this really happen? Given the number of cameras up there, and the relative scarcity of U.S. troops at the border these days, I’ll remain unconvinced until I see some actual video, in which case I will update this posting with links to the video. If you come across anything, let me know!

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