My Korean Deli: Risking It All for a Convenience Store

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[Book Review] Insipid. A combination of pretentious rich kid, publishing connections, caricatured first and 1.5 generation Korean immigrants, and a storyline built around a sheltered intellectual meeting ‘real’ people and engaging in ‘real’ work. People who have never done either may find this book interesting, for everyone else, don’t waste your time.

Actual quote, “However, I also sometimes feel like a lab rat in some cosmic sociological experiment to judge the effect of precipitous class descent via a kind of Wittgensteinian wormhole of reverse migration.” The author follows with a sentence trying to explain what he just wrote, which left me feeling punished, like I’d just been forced to waste two sentences of my time instead of just the one.

On a better note, the book is at least a quick read and … well, that’s about all of the upside I could find.

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