One Program, Three Countries – Study in Korea, China and Japan

Interested in studying abroad in Korea, China or Japan? How about a program combining all three?

The governments of South Korea, Japan and China recently signed an agreement, Campus Asia (modeled on Europe’s Erasmus Program), to launch joint degree programs for both graduate and undergraduate students. The universities involved in the program (10 in Korea, 10 in Japan and 7 in China) include the top schools in each country and some of the best in the world: Seoul National University (full disclosure: I have an MA from SNU), Beijing/Peking University, and the University of Tokyo.

The program for graduate students sounds especially interesting, allowing a student to spend a year at each of the schools above and receive up to three degrees(!) – worth the price of admission for the networking alone.

No word on whether the programs are limited to only the nationalities above, or whether any registered student at the schools can participate. During my time at Seoul National, I was treated just like a Korean student, so, at least from SNU’s side, I would expect the program to be open to students of any nationality.

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