Konglish: A/S Center … 아/ㅅ 센터?

If you use the term, “A/S center” with a native English speaker, you’re likely to get the same puzzled expression as you would get by saying “아/ㅅ 센터” to a native Korean speaker.

If you try and stretch it out, to “after-service center,” it would be like saying, “수리한후 센터” in Korean. Obviously, not a good thing.

Instead, just get rid of “after,” and you will be fine with, “service center.” You could also try, “shop,” “repair shop,” or use the verb-based expression, “take it in.” For example, “My TV broke, so I have to take it in.” Or, “I have to take my cell to the shop for a new battery.”

Excerpted from 콩글리시 to English (Konglish to English), my most recent book, available now in Apple’s iTunes bookstore.

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