Updated ESL Textbooks for Korean College Students and Adult Learners

UPDATE (July 2015): For those interested in ordering the books but living outside of Korea, we recommend the specialists at HanBooks.com.

ESL textbooks designed specifically for Korean university students and other adult English learners – no more boring your students with a book aimed at some mythical ‘world student’; the poorly-named ‘Speaking for Everyday Life’ ESL books specifically target the interests and needs of Korean students.

Speaking for Everyday Life 1 - 2015_update

The second edition books follow the same structure as the popular originals (no need to upend your syllabus), but with updated dialogs, images, and themes. Click here for more information from our publisher, Darakwon, in English and Korean, including prices, a sample chapter, and ordering information. This book was co-written by the owner of this website.

Speaking for Everyday Life 2 - 2015_update

One thought on “Updated ESL Textbooks for Korean College Students and Adult Learners”

  1. I am interested to use Speaking for Everyday Life for my conversation class. I wonder if you have a teachers’ guide for the book.

    Thank you.


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