iPad? Kindle? Nook? Why not the ‘Future 2.0’?

UPDATE (3 July 2012): Apparently, the North isn’t stopping at e-book readers – check out Pyongyang’s tablet PC in this recent story on the Pyongyang Trade Fair (yes, such a thing does exist).

Tired of iPad, Kindle and Nook? Searching for a truly innovative e-book reader? One that comes pre-installed with detailed explanations of Juche, the North Korean philosophy of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il? Then your search is over!

The Future 2.0 (because, hey, if it’s the future, why settle for version 1?) e-book reader is here! Though you’ll need to know Korean … and may have trouble adding content … and it’s not really, here, it’s in North Korea … but why quibble? No more bowing at the altar of Apple, no archaic black-and-white Kindle, the Future 2.0 sets you free from the bonds of mass consumption technology and places the user in the rarified elite of North Korean tech. Laugh now, imperialist pig, but how many nukes have Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos developed?

Need more info? Well, there are no fancy, wasteful promotional campaigns for the North Koreans, just a simple screenshot from a South Korean newspaper.

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