Rations Reduced for Soldiers Guarding Pyongyang; Isolated Demonstrations Reported in North

GoodFriends, one of the leading North Korean defector organizations trying to keep the world apprised of conditions inside the North (previous post on GoodFriends here), reported the current food situation is getting so bad soldiers in the army corps guarding Pyongyang are only getting an average of 400-500 grams of corn per day in their rations. Some days the supply goes as low as 300g, and this is for a privileged military unit in February. How bad is it going to be in two months when food stocks are even lower? Or how bad is it already for people outside Pyongyang?

Bad enough that word is starting to filter out of protests by people demanding food. Demonstrations in the North are rare, so even word of a few is a sign conditions are even worse than normal. Does this mean starving, disgruntled citizens in the North could rise up, ala Tunisia or Egypt? Doubtful.

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