Back from Afghanistan

Apologies for the lack of postings this year, but have spent most of 2014 in Afghanistan, away from reliable Internet access. Am finally back in the States though, and ready to resume posting here on the blog.

Afghan Valley
Afghan Valley

The time in Afghanistan is still too fresh to write about, at least here, so have uploaded photos instead. To the left is an all too common aerial view – a narrow green valley surrounded by an arid, high-desert brown. Below are a couple of views from an Afghan Army bunker. I’ll upload a few more photos on the FB page.

The first photo shows the view from the darkness of the bunker into the light of a sunny afternoon in the mountains of Central Afghanistan. The photo below is the view from the bunker of a small village, with overwatch and security provided (in theory) by the Army outpost.

Bunker View

Blue Mosque

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