New North Korea Propaganda Posters Added

Just added some new North Korean propaganda posters, with translations and explanations, here on the blog and on the Facebook page. See the FB page for the largest collection, but I’ll put a few of the latest ones below.

Soldiers, citizens, Kim Il-sung (the books are about the words and life of Kim).
Soldiers, citizens, Kim Il-sung (the books are about the words and life of Kim).

The Party is Calling!

“The party is calling! There’s important work to be done!” While the red banners call for revolutions in culture, science, and ideology, the main message is about helping with a West Sea (Yellow Sea) land reclamation project.

Missile Dreaming

Few words adorn the painting aside from “Made from our own hands,” above the images of a missile, tank, and patrol boat. Apt imagery for the regime’s emphasis on economic and technological self-reliance over reliance on outsiders.

Also note the stars over the names of students to the left – some things are the same in classrooms everywhere.

Intellectuals! Socialism leads the way!

While holding a copy of the works of Kim Jong-il, (roughly) “Intellectuals! Socialism leads the way to science and technology!”

Reminding once again of North Korean socialism’s unique emphasis on knowledge workers (teachers, artists, writers, etc.) in addition to the more typical focus on workers and farmers/peasants. Also note North Korea’s addition of the calligraphy brush of the intellectual to the traditional hammer and sickle communist emblem.

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